Who suffers from drug and alcohol abuse?

Addictions to drugs and alcohol are fairly common in today’s culture. Some estimates place the prevalence of drug addiction in the United States at above twenty percent. A guest article about a drug or alcohol addiction issue

Alcoholism and drug addiction bring only destruction, sadness, and pain, harming not just the addict but also the people in his or her life. Both the workplace and the friends and families of addicts are impacted. Employees with drug or alcohol addiction issues hurt businesses, create unpleasant and occasionally dangerous work environments, and harm employees.

umerous erroneous myths persist to surround the origins of alcoholism and drug addiction. Some people attempt to pinpoint the social groups that are most adversely affected. Others attempt to label drug and alcohol abuse as a sickness or a moral weakness. These urban legends propagate unwarranted confusion, fear, and shame. No specific group in society is unaffected by alcoholism or drug addiction. Every ethnicity, social class, and gender are affected. It is pointless to fear drug users or identify them with negative stereotypes. Everybody has challenges in life at some point and needs help from others. Addicts to alcohol and drugs are similar to everyone else. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is not a choice; rather, it claims lives.

How Are Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Identified?

There are indicators that indicate alcohol and drug addiction. A handful of these are listed below:

  • a rapid onset of hygiene or appearance-related worry
  • sudden changes between friends
  • Dishonesty
  • Depression

Of all drug users who work, two out of every five also take narcotics illegally while doing so. It should come as no surprise that usage of drugs or alcohol contributes to almost half of workplace accidents.

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